Friday, May 07, 2004

New job. Man, why did I work in retail for all these years. I could of made way more money doing way less work. Government jobs are the answer. Seriously, in two days and about 11 hours of paid time I've probably done a total of 2 hours of actual work. The other time was spent riding around on the tractor, taking hour long paid breaks, making sure the middle school kids didn't pry up fence posts, and just sitting around. This is the best job ever.
We walked past a big scientology tent today outside of McMicken. I wanted to go and talk to them but I needed to go to class. I wanted to ask them if any of them actually knew what they believed or if they were just mindless drones who will believe anything anybody tells them. What a cult. Where's jigga when you need him?
I think I might pick up battlefield Vietman or UT 2004. I don't know which one but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get one of them. Time to up my rating on Yahoo Euchre.

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