Sunday, May 15, 2005

Met a man, locked away for things he hadn't done

Nine more days till Slave! It's gonna rock. Don't talk to Austin about it because he's "ignant". I can't wait to hear what Chris Cornell and Tom Morello have come up with in the past couple years. It's gonna be rediculous.
Me and Robby volunteered at Oak Hills Afterprom last night. It was pretty sweet. Nobody needed us for the first two hours so we wandered around and frequented the volunteer room for the free food and beverage. People kept mistaking us for students. This one dude on a power trip (giving out disposable cameras) chased us down when he saw that we didn't have security bracelets on. I guess he missed our nametags or failed to realized that the students weren't walking around with volunteer nametags on. So then when Rob and I finally go and do somethin, we can't give away the crappy provided prizes because they sucked. We did hand out a couple piles of cash to people though just to get rid of it. I think we mostly just found people we knew and loaded them down with stuff that nobody else wanted and would probably throw away anyway.
Athens this weekend. One last time, possibly. It's not that the drive gets easier. I just get better at zoning out for an hour or so. I usually snap back to life when I hit the cornfield. But it's all good because I do like to 4 wheel, not doin 70 though. I'm lookin forward to it. Always a good time hangin out Voellmecke's room/cell. Then there's the town of Athens with their huge Big Lots and 3 food establishments. I know why people drink like fish out there. Because there's nothin else to do.
Star Wars on Wednesday at midnight. Its gonna be awesome. My theory is that George Lucas can only screw this one up to a certain extent. He's got all the amazing technology goin for him and the storyline is almost written for him since there's a definite beginning and ending that have already been established. There's also certain things that everyone knows have to happen in this episode. So I'm thinking that this will probably put I and II to shame. Not that that's hard. I watched Episode I today. Dah. It's crazy how pissed off I get everytime Jar Jar says something. I can just see George Lucas sittin there like "you know what we need? A charater that has no meaning and will annoy the crap out of every Star Wars fan. I'm gonna go ahead and ruin the whole series with one character."

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Even Flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies

How long till the new audioslave cd comes out? I can't wait cuz I know its gonna be rediculous. I wanna be Chris Cornell when I grow up. And yeah I realize that means that I've done enough heroin to support the Columbian government for like a year. How bout that Family Guy? Hilarious. The G.I. Joe thing was hilarious. The writers are geniuses. Those guys know and are capable of making fun of everything. American terrible. It's hard to believe that they're made by the same people.
Voellmecke was here this weekend. I like how this is workin out so far. She's hear one week and then I drive out there the next. It would be better if she just came here every weekend but what are you gonna do? So we went and saw Kung Fu Hustle. We were the only ones in the theater. Don't know why because the movie was great. It was a good time.