Sunday, November 28, 2004

Turkey Day

Thankgiving was sweet. I got to see my cousins and friends who came back from school. I didn't get to hang out with everyone that I wanted to but then again Christmas break is only a couple weeks away. I ran the race downtown on Thanksgiving morning. That course get tougher everytime I do it. Running over bridges sucks because you feel like they're miles long when they are only like a half mile. The race was cool though. There were thousands of people down there and it was freezing.
Went to Jony's last night. I don't drink so I was just kinda standin around watchin other people get trashed but Fikri and the Mercy girls were there who I haven't seen in forever. It was a good time.
How bout' them Bengals? 58-48 was the final score. Awesome game. Absolutely no defense from anybody. It's official Browns fans are jerks. They wouldn't shut up the entire time. Then they started throwing crap and pissing people off.
I'm not lookin forward to going to school this week. Its gonna suck. Finals comin up. I have to teach myself a whole bunch of calculus and I gotta decide if I'm gonna change my major to biology.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Master Chief

Halo 2 is nuts. The story is explained much better that the first. Apparently, the convenant have this huge hierarchy of leadership and its a theocracy. The new vehicles and weapons are sweet especially the rocket launcher warthog. One resounding dissappointment though, the flood make an appearance. I was not at all pleased with this. I thought Halo enthusiasts had made it perfectly clear they didn't want any more rediculously annoying undead guys walkin around in the sequal. But I can get past it.
In case anybody is unaware, Jenny and I are on a break. We haven't called anything off yet but we are spending some time apart to evaluate where we are at with things. This is pretty much the hardest thing I've ever done so there's a pretty crappy slant to this week. Above all, we both want to follow what God has planned for us and if that means we won't be together anymore, then we'll accept that. Right now, I guess we're both trying to figure out what God's will is in this situation.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What a night. I was up till about 2 in the morning watching the results come in. I'll tell you right now that I voted for Bush and am extremely happy with the re-election. I am dissappointed with one factor of the nationwide results. Statistics are showing that a record number of evangelicals showed up to vote. Whereas, in years past this population had often refused to participate in national elections. This is a great thing. Christians should have an active say in the goings on of their government. They are part of this country to, its imperative to be responsible members of society in my opinion.
The part I'm dissappointed with is with this trend came an overwellming movement to ban gay marriage. I can't say what other states ballots said or what their new legislation prohibits but in Ohio we already have a piece of legislation in place that protects marriage as that of a man and a woman. Issue 1 blazed new ground. Now, civil unions would not be created or recognized.
So here it is, is it my duty as a follower of Christ to trounce on anything that says homosexual?
I voted for Bush because I believe what he has been doing for the last four years is what we should be doing. Its unfair to blame the economy, which is not as bad as anybody says, on one man and it's getting better. The war in Iraq was and is the right thing to do. I know thats a crazy concept nowadays to do something just because its right.
On that note, I voted down issue 1. I'm not out to persecute gays. I'm out to convey God's love to them. No, I'm not for gay marriage. But I guess I am ok with civil unions because I'm not going to force my beliefs or descriminate against anybody. All I ask is that the official term of "marriage" be granted only to a man and a woman as it always has been.
It's been a real struggle on how to vote "christ-like." One thing I'm sure of though is that God does not condemn my passion for political issues because he put it there and because of that passion I have opinions. I don't expect all Christians to have the same opinion and I refuse to criticize a Christian who votes democratic. I'm sure God likes the fact that I have opinions of my own because I'm acting out who he made me to be.