Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Cicadas are everywhere. We killed a whole bunch more of them yesterday after guy's group at Robby's house. They seriously have to be the stupidest creatures on the planet. It's no wonder there has to be a couple billion of them. If there wasn't there's no way the species would survive.

The UC guy still hasn't responded to my e-mail. If he thinks hes just gonna ignore me into submission, he's in for a surprise. I think I pay enough money to deserve his attention.

This week kinda sucks. I guess its cuz I'm struggling with some stuff. I've tried praying about it but there hasn't been too much of a response. There's some things that I need to figure out and I keep asking for God's guidance on but I can't seem to get any response. It just seems like I'm having a lot of trouble experiencing God lately and I'm not feeling a connection.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Summer is almost here. This weekend was great. I had barely any homework except for a stupid speech thing that involves defending Pres. Bush so I don't really mind doing it.

I didn't play soccer today because I was too tired and Horgan wanted to go to church and I've been missing a lot lately so I thought I'd better go.

Tomorrow is official cicada bashing day. We're gonna go to Davie's and raise some hell. I was thinking about the whole cicada bashing thing. We're probably gonna kill a couple hundred of them, plus the ones that you run over, get eatin, run into stuff and die, get stepped on, and get plowed over by development. I think this is the american buffalo all over again. We're all assuming that there's a million of these things and that the species won't even feel our onslaught. However, thats the same thing that pioneers said about the buffalo and look what happened. Pretty soon the only place ur gonna be able to see cicadas is on a ranch in the Red River Gorge. Yeah what then? I'm still gonna kill a whole freakin bunch of em tomorrow.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Missed my first class today cuz I was up all night doing homework and I had to print it all out this morning. I also have a quiz in speech that I haven't studied for yet. I'm so tired that I don't think I'm gonna make it through the rest of my classes.

Props to Happy Time Horgan on her scholarship. I wish I got money for my terrible grades.

So the liberals are really pissing me off now. The flyers on the the information kiosk in front of Langsam are pretty much just hate propaganda. I was thinking about those and I realized that they are slamming all conservatives with their "this is a compassionate conservative" slogan. What if I put a sign that says "this is a compassionate Jew"? How would those be different. I'm half tempted to email UC and complain and threaten to sue. But I know that most people are smart enough not to believe their crap.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Oh yeah. bow bow. chic. chic. chic ahhh.

So hear's the new blog. I'm still trying to put up links but the comments are in order. I think we're going to see Troy tonight. It should be pretty sweet. It looks good. Horgan's all lookin forward to it because of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. So I might as well not go.

Soccer tomorrow except I don't know if I'm gonna play because work screwed me out of hours this morning. I like this job but I might starve to death if summer doesn't get here soon. They don't have a lot of hours available in the evening and on weekends. It's pretty much a 7-4 job. They never work at night and only a couple of hours on the weekends to pick up the park and line a couple of fields.

You know what's an awesome song? Nemesis by Shriekback. It was really big in the '80s. Me and Lubbs downloaded it last night. The lyrics are hilarious.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Battlefield Vietnam is the bane of my existence. I can't get it to work. I think it might be a little too demanding for my pc. So I'm gonna go argue with Target to take it back.
We played soccer on Sunday and got pwned. We played down two people because nobody showed up on account of the short notice. We're actually pretty good. We kept up even though we were down some players. We still got destroyed though cuz the half backs couldn't get back in time to help out on defense. There better be more people there this Sunday. We better get rid of the cotton, black shirts too.
Work is sweet. I just ride around in machinery thats not mine all day. I get a good tan and I don't deal with customers. In fact, my boss said to avoid people at all costs because they'll just ask you to clean up something or do something to a field. So I was fine with that.
I'm gonna get a paintball game together for sometime really soon. I don't know which day yet but there will be a game. Maybe the weekend after next.
Troy came out today!

Friday, May 07, 2004

New job. Man, why did I work in retail for all these years. I could of made way more money doing way less work. Government jobs are the answer. Seriously, in two days and about 11 hours of paid time I've probably done a total of 2 hours of actual work. The other time was spent riding around on the tractor, taking hour long paid breaks, making sure the middle school kids didn't pry up fence posts, and just sitting around. This is the best job ever.
We walked past a big scientology tent today outside of McMicken. I wanted to go and talk to them but I needed to go to class. I wanted to ask them if any of them actually knew what they believed or if they were just mindless drones who will believe anything anybody tells them. What a cult. Where's jigga when you need him?
I think I might pick up battlefield Vietman or UT 2004. I don't know which one but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get one of them. Time to up my rating on Yahoo Euchre.