Sunday, May 23, 2004

Summer is almost here. This weekend was great. I had barely any homework except for a stupid speech thing that involves defending Pres. Bush so I don't really mind doing it.

I didn't play soccer today because I was too tired and Horgan wanted to go to church and I've been missing a lot lately so I thought I'd better go.

Tomorrow is official cicada bashing day. We're gonna go to Davie's and raise some hell. I was thinking about the whole cicada bashing thing. We're probably gonna kill a couple hundred of them, plus the ones that you run over, get eatin, run into stuff and die, get stepped on, and get plowed over by development. I think this is the american buffalo all over again. We're all assuming that there's a million of these things and that the species won't even feel our onslaught. However, thats the same thing that pioneers said about the buffalo and look what happened. Pretty soon the only place ur gonna be able to see cicadas is on a ranch in the Red River Gorge. Yeah what then? I'm still gonna kill a whole freakin bunch of em tomorrow.

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