Saturday, May 15, 2004

Oh yeah. bow bow. chic. chic. chic ahhh.

So hear's the new blog. I'm still trying to put up links but the comments are in order. I think we're going to see Troy tonight. It should be pretty sweet. It looks good. Horgan's all lookin forward to it because of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. So I might as well not go.

Soccer tomorrow except I don't know if I'm gonna play because work screwed me out of hours this morning. I like this job but I might starve to death if summer doesn't get here soon. They don't have a lot of hours available in the evening and on weekends. It's pretty much a 7-4 job. They never work at night and only a couple of hours on the weekends to pick up the park and line a couple of fields.

You know what's an awesome song? Nemesis by Shriekback. It was really big in the '80s. Me and Lubbs downloaded it last night. The lyrics are hilarious.

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