Sunday, January 23, 2005

whiskey bottles, brand new cars, oak tree you're in my way

So it was almost unanimous. Looks like the facial hair is staying for awhile.
West side vineyard had their first meeting this week. I didnt go because I have small group on thursday nights but apparently it was a good turn out. This thing is gonna be huge.
I was playin some Halo 2 online last night and I noticed how much crap people talk in that game. It almost makes it not fun to play because no one will shut up and play. Seriously, they get into arguments with each other about who's the bigger newb or who sucks. And its not all twelve year olds doin the bitching. I just sit there and laugh at these people who obviously have nothin else goin on in life besides Halo 2.
School is eating my soul. Calculus is hopeless. I wish they would tell you ahead of time which major a class is geared towards. I'm in a calc class with all engineers and I'm a biology major so this class is owning me. I'm trying to line up a tutor so I can just get done with it with a passing grade. That way I can be done with math for the rest of my life.
I still need a job. I turned in a resume to the public library but they still havent called me. How many "resumes" could they possibly have for part time jobs payin 8 bucks an hour.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Judgement Day

So I'm wonderin if I should keep the ol facial hair. I figure its had a long enough trial period so I'm gonna put it to vote. So do it and leave a comment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No, its a cardigan but thanks for asking. been awhile since I've updated the ol' blog. Thats probably because lately if I don't need to do it to survive, chances are I'm not gonna do it. Like homework. School is great this quarter. I have Chem. and all of its associated labs and recitations and Calc. I have more homework than I know how to blow off. I actually went in for help today. I sat down with the TA who looked like she knew how to speak English (no offense to foreigners but I gotta pass). She spoke English pretty well but she didn't know crap about calculus. So there u have it. You might be able to understand English speaking TA's, but they're dumber than rocks. So I went to chem lab knowing less than what I came in with.
Vollmecke and I were talkin' last night about takin a road trip out west. That would be rediculous. So I'm gonna try to recruit some people for that.
I really need a job. I've applied just about everywhere and no one has called me back. I'm gonna write a resume tonight and hand it into the library. I've heard that they pay pretty well and have flexible hours. I really wanna go back to the park. I stopped in there the other day to give my keys back. Both of my bosses were sittin there readin the newspaper. haha. What a great job. They said that I probably wont be able to come back till march when the weather gets warmer. So I gotta find somethin before then. I'll probably start sellin crack. Thats all I got.