Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No, its a cardigan but thanks for asking.

So...it been awhile since I've updated the ol' blog. Thats probably because lately if I don't need to do it to survive, chances are I'm not gonna do it. Like homework. School is great this quarter. I have Chem. and all of its associated labs and recitations and Calc. I have more homework than I know how to blow off. I actually went in for help today. I sat down with the TA who looked like she knew how to speak English (no offense to foreigners but I gotta pass). She spoke English pretty well but she didn't know crap about calculus. So there u have it. You might be able to understand English speaking TA's, but they're dumber than rocks. So I went to chem lab knowing less than what I came in with.
Vollmecke and I were talkin' last night about takin a road trip out west. That would be rediculous. So I'm gonna try to recruit some people for that.
I really need a job. I've applied just about everywhere and no one has called me back. I'm gonna write a resume tonight and hand it into the library. I've heard that they pay pretty well and have flexible hours. I really wanna go back to the park. I stopped in there the other day to give my keys back. Both of my bosses were sittin there readin the newspaper. haha. What a great job. They said that I probably wont be able to come back till march when the weather gets warmer. So I gotta find somethin before then. I'll probably start sellin crack. Thats all I got.

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