Monday, April 26, 2004

I have to think of a word for effective public speaking that I can write an entire speech on. Rob already called "Christianity" so I can't do that. I was thinking of maybe doing "conservatism" or "socialism" or "liberalism". I could say a lot about those but the instructor wants this speech to be serious and not a joke like we made the last one. Even though the class is a joke. So if anyone comes up with a good word, go ahead and leave it in the comment box.
I got my truck stuck yesterday by the Great Miami River. I was seriously getting worried about not getting it out. My dad and I were fishing and we went down to a spot that apparently had just recently been under water. We decided not to fish there but I couldn't stop myself from trying to destroy my truck. I dropped it into a small "lake" that was probably about 3 feet deep. The four wheel was in so it wasn't a problem but then it dropped again suddenly and both of the front tires were covered and one of the rear tires was caught in a rut. I panicked, put it into first, and floored it. Needless to say I threw mud all over my truck and didn't move at all. I stopped to think for a second, then I put it into reverse and luckily one of the back tires was still on decent ground and the posi-track was able to pull me out. My truck looks awesome now.
Kenan emailed me back and told me how much Europe loves Kerry. Apparently, there is no such thing as "conservatives" over there and he is enjoying not having to argue with anyone like us. He also said that he can vote on an absentee ballot.
If you see Horgan tell her to quit her job.

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