Monday, April 19, 2004

So I'm at school and Davie and I are not not skipping class. I've decided to go ahead and update my blog. Me and Dave were just discussing the most overated movies of all time. This is subject to change because I'm just pulling these out off top of my head. Feel free to comment and suggest replacements, additions, or movement within the ranks.
1. Titanic- There's no reason this made as much money as it did.
2. Pearl Harbor- Tons of potential, zero quality
3. It's A Wonderful Life- Makes me wanna gouge my eyes out with a blunt object
4. Apocalypse Now- Another movie with enough budget to be awesome but screwed up with a terrible storyline
5. Full Metal Jacket- What was this?
6. Grease- I hate Jon Travolta
7. The Harry Potter series- ok movie, but way overrated
8. The Adam Sandler Movies except Happy Gilmore- talk about a an actor playing the same part over and over again
9. All of the Austin Powers movies- dumb
10. Jurassic Park II and III- the first one was sweet, shoulda stopped there/ they're about to make another one about how the government uses the dinosaurs as secret weapons
11. Gone With the Wind- Wow. How this movie got so huge I'll never know.

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