Sunday, March 21, 2004

Time for spring break. Jon has backed out on us at the last minute but we we're only using him for his mustang so its no big deal. We'll just burn down his house later as retribution. Anyway, my pole officially offed itself today. UC, Stanford, UK...all gone. But the memory remains......
So I'm goin down to Kentucky for a few days to do some camping and eating. Horgan's in Georgia so I won't get to see her for like a month until I get back. That sucks.

UC's decal purchase thing is closed so I'm gonna have to go up there to buy one. I hate Clifton. I especially hate Clifton when I don't have to be there.
I just Tivo'd an episode of Aque Teen so im bought to go watch that up.
Later world, I'll see you Thursday.

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