Saturday, March 13, 2004

So, I have a chemistry final on Monday that will decide if I fail chemistry this quarter. How bout UC? beatin DePaul today and selection Sunday tomorrow. I played soccer today for like three hours and now my knees hurt.
I wonder what would happen if I just didn't write this English paper. I probably won't fail the class cuz I've done pretty well on everything else up to this point.
Shotguns only in Sidewinder sucks. You watch people walk across the level on the ground but you can't do anything about it cuz you don't have a freakin sniper rifle or pistol to shoot them with. So you take a half hour walk across the level cuz all the vehicles have been deposited in the middle and get killed by a camper, hiding on the other side of the tank.
I'm hangin out with horgan tonight. We might go up to Bass Pro Shops to get some fishing stuff.
No more flaming liberal env. science teachers!
Hey backwoods retard............not now, not ever.

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