Sunday, March 07, 2004

So, I saw the Passion on Wednesday. It was pretty awesome. I've heard the story before so I knew what to expect but it was crazy to see people in the theatre, who I knew probably had never heard anything about what Jesus went through so that we would not have to pay for our own sins, react to the movie. Then I thought about all those writers out there who immidiately went about trashing the movie. I thought that this makes sense. The world will do anything to make Jesus's life seem inconsequential.
So thanks to Austin Lubbers who left me and Dave out in the cold to die Friday night.
I just voted for Goldeneye, which is winning, to get the extra life. It got screwed in the first round by going up against halo.
I need to go buy Nirvana Unplugged and I'm not doing homework tonight.

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