Monday, March 01, 2004

So I changed my format so Dave wouldn't bitch at me anymore. In doing so I found out that you have to re-enter your links and comment coding. Done and done. I haven't seen my schedule yet for next quarter but it'll probably suck. At least I don't have chemistry anymore. Speaking of chemistry its starting Guess where I'm not. I'm gonna leave here shortly though to make enviro. science and learn how the Bush administration is suppressing scientific research and killing the environment. Who puts the anti-war rhetoric at the bottom of my comment page?
The best game ever is Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo. Halo, Goldeneye, Fusion Frenzy, Mario Kart, TMNT: Manhattan Project are my finalists but they can't beat the level of SMB 3 where Mario can obtain the frog suit. This level, I forget its numerical value, made my decision. The problem is that you can't get to it via whistle.
Did you guys know that in the last level when you have to beat one of the floating ships, water not air, you can sink just far enough to swim under the entire ship and jump out just in time to climb onto the back of the ship.
Welp time for school.

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