Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tell me who are you?

Trip number three to Athens, done and done. Can't say the drive is gettin any better, its still boring as crap. Oh well. OU was a good time as always. We watched pulp fiction and I drove Steph around Athens to get food and supplies for her roommates. I made Steph a blog while I was out there. I'm thinkin she's gonna post on that thing once every couple years. I almost fell asleep on the way home. I was fine until I got on Ronald Reagan. Then I started gettin really sleepy and I almost drilled an SUV in the lane next to me cuz I was dozing off. Apparantly, I need to get some more sleep before I try to drive home for 3 hours. I takin classes this summer or not. Haven't decided yet. I probably should, but I'm not a huge fan of giving UC money. Especially since they're gonna jack up tuition another six percent. Rediculous. I was tellin Robby the other day that we need to have a good student riot and go ahead and burn down some of those nice new buildings. Speakin of UC. Steph, go freakin apply! Thats all I got.

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