Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Forward yesterday, makes me wanna stay.

Made the drive out to Athens on again on Saturday. Its a nice drive. Not too much traffic and you can do about 80 the whole way. Plus, I'm always up for not choking on Cincinnati air. Hangin with Steph was sweet. Always a good time. Then I had to fly back to Cincinnati for New Leader Training. That was kinda rediculous. Luckily, Steph bought me a pack of oreos which I demolished on the way home. Pfft...I saw the craziest thing on the way home. There was this Amish lookin guy doin somethin on the highway. No idea what. But he took off runnin before I actually got to him. He ran down into the ditch on the opposite side of the highway, so the only thing I could see was his straw hat bobbing up and down. The dude ran across four lanes of traffic. I wonder if that's like an Amish right of passage.

I'm pretty sure everyone's heard about Jon by now. What a great guy. It makes you feel lucky to be alive because we're not invincible. I'm glad I had the pleasure of knowin Jon for as long as I did. Haha. This one time we were workin stage crew for a musical at Oak Hills and we invented this game called "stair ball". The only objective was to try to make it up the steps in the light box without gettin drilled by the ball. Its stuff like that, that I remember about Jon. We're all gonna miss you chief.

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