Monday, March 28, 2005

It's Hard to Believe that Somebody Tricked You...

Strep throat is definetely not given enough credit for destructive power. I was thinkin that strep throat was just a really bad sore throat. nah. Your glands pretty much fill your entire throat and constantly drain mucus stuff. You can try to eat but there's really no room for food in your mouth because of inflamed stuff. Plus, if you do try to swallow something it feels like you're napalming the back of your throat. mmmm....napalm. If you like the not being able to eat there's also the constant fever and innability to sleep at night.
I dunno how the crap I got this. It might have been from work. Last Sunday my boss made me clean up his front yard in the rain. So that's a possibilty. I worked everyday of spring break up until Friday when I pretty much died. So I screwed work on Friday and went to the doctor. I should try to get some compensation from my boss since I got sick cleanin up his friggin front yard.
Navs is gonna be sweet this quarter. They have some sweet stuff planned. Plus, New Leader Training is awesome. I really like the book. The topics the guy (author) covers are great. Especially the stuff about being real with people. Nothin makes me more pissed off than seeing people hand out canned, textbook, sunday school, answers to people like it was candy. There's nothin real about that.

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