Monday, April 18, 2005

I dont know how many of you people believe in astrology

Dah. Just took my first calc test of the quarter. not good. I'm gonna have to figure out some way to pass this class. I don't wanna be takin calc II for the rest of my life, I'm already behind from swithchin my major every quarter. Maybe I'll just become a Young Life leader and stick around UC for another five years. I hear that works pretty well.
Yeah so if you haven't heard yet, me and Voellmecke went "official." So stop asking. I think I'm gonna head out there this weekend again. So if anybody feels like seein Athens, Ohio just let me know because makin that trek by myself makes me wanna jerk my truck into an orphanage bus.
I'm really startin to enjoy New Leader Training. I'm learin a ton and its really practical stuff. The memory verses are gonna own me next week. I wonder how they determine who they're gonna ask to lead a group. I'm not that worried about it. If they asked me to lead one I'd pr0bably do it but if not, thats cool too.
Who's up for seein Petty this summer? He's comin with the the Black Crowes. Which could be good or bad. But Tom will be a good show. Plus, you're almost guaranteed to inhale at least a bowl of second hand pot smoke.

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