Saturday, November 12, 2005

Don't you......forget about me

Bengals bye week eh. That kinda sucks. Now I have nothin to do but watch everybody else play. Then next week we have big Indy. It's gonna be crazy. The Colts have been looking really good every week. The only thing the Bengals really have goin for them here is that Indy has primarily a passing offense and that definetely plays right into the Bengal's strength on defense. However, if we force Indy to run more than they usually do, our run defense is definetely gonna have to step it up. But whatever, that's next week.
Apparently, I'm starting a new job monday at F.D. Lawrence. I'm gonna be workin in their warehouse stocking stuff and cleanin up. When am I gonna be able to co-op? I' m gettin pretty sick of workin like crazy and not gettin paid anything. I wanna not go to school, get paid a ton, and do nothing all day like everyone else. The good news is that I confirmed my acceptance to OCAS for winter quarter so hopefully I'll be able to co-op in the spring or summer if not both.
Small group is pretty sweet. I'm really startin to like leading. At first, I was just being drained by the experience. I'm at school from 8 in the morning till the end of group on thursday's so I was never really lookin forward to leading. Now I'm kinda gettin the feel of it and I'm learing how to make the studies effective and worthwhile. I'm sure I've still got plenty to learn in the leadership area but I think things are goin better.
What the crap...why does Indianapolis have three monday night games. Dude...give one of those to us. You suck Paul Tagliabue...I think thats how you spell Tagliabue.

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