Sunday, December 11, 2005

How bout them playoffs

Ahh those crazy Bengals. 10-3 after a narrow win over the Browns. But this win shows the caliber team we have. When we're not playin the best we can, we still win. But I'm sure everyone saw the game, and overanalysis of every game drives me crazy.
Saw The Chronicles of Narnia today with the family. Pretty amazing. It's been forever since I read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. When I read it I couldn't fully appreciate the faith of C.S. Lewis and its impact on his writing. There are so many parallels in the story when compared to the spiritual war going on around us. What an amazing writer. Seriously though, go see it. Other than the whole faith and theology aspect, its just a flat out enjoyable and well directed movie.
OCAS next quarter. Why the crap does anybody keep going to main campus UC? I met with my advisor on Friday. The guy was really nice and respectful. He asked my name and what I wanted to do with my new major. I immidiately got the feeling that I wasn't a number and a tuition check there. Everybody was rediculously friendly and helpful. Moral of that story: quit main campus and go to OCAS where it doesn't suck.

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