Friday, October 07, 2005

Come you Masters of War sucks. I'm not thinkin that I should be spending so much money on something I can't stand anymore. I'm not studying what I want to be studying and UC's buerocracy and general indifference toward students is driving me insane. So I think I'm headin to OCAS next quarter. Apparently, they've added a major under chemical technology that's pretty much exactly what I originally wanted to do anyway. Plus, unlike main campus UC, OCAS will hook me up with a Co-op. The Biology program at UC doesn't really get the value of a co-op or doesn't care enough to work it into the curriculum. Instead, they pound pointless and rediculously demanding classes into you until you change your major to one of the engineering concentrations or business. There's absolutely no reason why a biology major should be taking College Physics lab but nevertheless that's what I do. In fact, I haven't even had time to take a Biology class yet. I have taken two forms of chemistry, friggin calculus, a slew of electives, and all the associated labs.
You know what's gonna be sweet? The fall conference. The ride up alone is worth the 75 bucks. Can't wait to take part in the covert activities on the first night. It's gonna be awesome. Plus, Evan is speakin instead of Crazy McInsane from Ashland University.

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