Thursday, September 22, 2005

Culpepper....go die

Yeah...slow on the updating. School has officially started back up. My classes are gonna suck huge. Attendance is mandatory in all of them except organic chemistry but I'm gonna have to go to stay on top of it. I'm not thinkin that organic chemistry is one of those classes that you can just not go to and still pass. Never become a biology major.
Haha. So, in case you haven't heard yet, I got fired from my youth group position at Northern Hills United Methodist. Apparently, it doesn't matter how qualified you are to have a volunteer position in the Methodist Church. The only thing that really matters is where your membership lies. Since my "official" membership is with a Church of Christ I can't be trusted with high school kids. Even when I tried to explain that the Vineyard, where I've most recently been attending, doesn't have official membership, it didn't matter. In order to be allowed to lead the high school youth group I'm going to have to join the Methodist Church right now and then wait six months. I guess six months is the magical number of months that it takes for God to like you as a Methodist. So now I have to decide wether I should stick out the six months (kinda sounds like a prison sentence), screw it and leave, or fight the establishment (Sleep Now in the Fire plays in the background). Somethin really bothers me about goin in and "raisin hell" in a church that I just started going to but then again it bothers me even more that this church is crippled by its own pointless rules. I guess the only thing to do it pray about and see what God has in mind, maybe its somethin I haven't thought of yet.
yeah and daunte culpepper sucks.

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