Friday, August 12, 2005

Don't Stop Believin'

My mom went ahead and bought me the best of Journey for ten bucks. It's pretty sweet. Don't listen to Davie's ignorant rantings, Journey rocks.
So I got my aquarium runnin. It's sweet like Journey. It's a twenty gallon tank with 5 fish in it. I got some cheap starter fish to start things out. Aquariums are awesome because no matter you can always come home and stare at them for hours when ur pissed off or mass stressed out. Fish are peaceful...except when they're kicking the crap outta each other for food. I can't believe how much aquarium stuff costs. The friggin filter, which is a really good one, cost almost fourty bucks.
Football is almost here. Luckily, my job doesn't require any weekend work so I know what I'll be doin every Sunday. The Bengals are gonna own this season and by own I mean better than 8-8. I don't want to start talkin about playoffs because I hate how people are goin nuts over the Bengals chances in the playoffs before we've even seen them play a preseason game. There's been a lot of changes to the team and I think its impossible to say either way at this point. One thing's for sure, the we had a ton of stuff that had to be worked on in the off season so I think the real determining factor for this season is going to have very little to do with quality of the lineup but instead how much was actually accomplished in the offseason.

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