Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It ain't me, It ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one

Key Laborers this weekend. Its gonna be rediculous. I've only heard good things about it. I was talkin to Dan at lunch yesterday about it and he said he wanted to get a football game goin saturday night. So we might have to commandeer the Vineyard's field. What are they gonna do? Kick us out?
I got calc and chem tests this week. So this week will decide whether this quarter was even worth registering for. I should be studyin right now. But instead I'm updatin my blog.
Running is goin well. I'm upping my mileage a little each week. Not enough to run a marathon but at least I'm being consistent. I'm gettin a good 20-25 miles each week. Gettin' back in shape is tough.
My new job in Clifton is pretty pointless. Right now I have a project goin to build a trap for drug dealers. There's a staircase comin up from over the rhine through the woods. The stairs were closed by the city but they're still usable. So drug dealers get into Clifton that way. So I'm in charge of taking some honeysuckle that we cut down and making a barricade so that the steps are no longer usable. It's gonna be funny when I go down there one day and there's gonna be a couple dealers tangled in the brances. Haha I'm like shelob. The pay is good though and its five minutes from school.

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