Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Drive a Dodge Stratus

So it looks like we're gonna get a house in Clifton at the end of the summer. Which means I'm gonna need more money. Working full time at the park will give me plenty but I'll probably be safe and sell the truck. (sigh). I guess I'd rather move out then have cool wheels. I would try to have both but I don't a car payment hangin over me while I'm tryin to pay the rent. Living in Clifton would be sweet just for the lack of a commute. The gas money I'll save will probably pay for half the rent. Especially if I stick with drivin trucks.
UC still thinks I'm gonna pay their stupid late fee. I like how UC just makes up this outrageous fines to slap on people whenever they feel like it. If you ever wondered whether UC cares if you exist, try being a day late on your bill. Otherwise your just a number and a tuition check.
This is gonna be the most worthless super bowl ever. I hate the patriots and I'm not that big a' fan of the Eagles either. This game is just gonna be dumb. At least there's no shortage of parties. There's Navs and and Justin's so those'll be cool.
Davie, Lubbys, and I went to Lifespring on Sunday. It was decent. In some ways its better than the Vineyard because its so much smaller. I'm not a big fan of the thousands of people services that go on at the Vineyard. Plus if I can avoid the half hour drive to tri-county I'll take it. Lifespring seems like they have a good thing goin. They're a little more formal than the Vineyard with their membership and they take communion every week I guess. So I'm thinkin that they're a mixture of traditional and contemporary doctrines. Which is cool.

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