Thursday, July 22, 2004

There are stars in the Southern Sky...Southward as you go.

Horgan is gone.  Apparently the family she's staying with is starving her to death and they are constantly pawning their kids off on her.   She's also sunburned because her skin lacks pigment that most humans have.

I went to that class I'm taking at the Vineyard last night.  Its pretty good.  Its done by the same people who do Alpha so I'm thinking about doing that.  Jenny has already done it and she liked it a lot.  

How bout those reds?  I just watched them give up 9 points in a half hour.  Nothing like sittin at work watching the Reds blow their season.

The Village comes out next Friday.  It should be pretty sweet.  M. Night Shymla...Shamala....Shlala...........M. Night S. is a genius.  Signs was a great movie and the Village looks like its going to be similar.

Welcome back to big Kenan Fikri (even though he's voting for meltface Kerry).

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