Saturday, July 31, 2004

'cause I'm already standing on the ground

The Village was sweet. Critics are so dumb. I guess if a movie doesn't have tons of special effects and blood everywhere its no good. Whatever.

I was lookin' at the Enquirer today and it was loaded with Kerry articles. They tried not to sound partial but the fact that there were like a dozen articles dedicated to John Kerry's various policies and the campaign trail and not one about Bush unless the article was about how Kerry disagrees with Bush says a lot about where the paper stands. There was also this thing in there about swing voters. They interviewed a handful of people who were not strict conservative or liberal voters. They all voted for Bush in 2000 but they were now all voting for Kerry. One of them said she was gonna vote for Kerry because Bush's stance on terrorism is too weak! Apparently, fighting a war, unseating two terrorist supporting regimes, creating an entire cabinet level department dedicated to fighting terror, crushing the world's largest terrorist network and freeing millions of oppressed people is too weak of stance on terror. I won't even mention the lack of a follow up attack on our soil since 9/11. It almost seems like its working but that can't be because Bush's policies are weak. What we need to do is elect Kerry so he can pull thousands of troops out of Iraq so it can become a terrorist breeding ground. People are dumb.

Do you know how much tires cost? A lot. I have to buy some before winter comes along though and I'd like to get it taken care of before school starts up again. The frustrating thing is that I have three terrible tires and one perfect one that I just shelled out $140 for. Plus I drive a truck, a 4wd druck, with huge tires. I need off-road capable tires because I tend to get in some mud once in awhile. My redneck instincts tell me to get huge mud tires but those are even more expensive. Oh well, im getting huge mud tires.

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