Friday, June 04, 2004

Samsonite...we were way off

Horgan and I went swimming yesterday at her pool. It was freezing but her pool and hot tub are sweet.

I got a nail in my tire so I'm gonna have to replace it for the small price of $130. I can't just get it patched because the nail is in the side wall and its against regulations to patch the side wall of a tire. So I'm gonna have to wait till I have the funds to purchase one. It doesn't help that my tires are Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires. Apparently huge tires with aggressive tread cost more to make or something.

Speaking of off road tires. My dad was talking about some place in Indiana where you can pay 7 bucks to do whatever you want on this guy's land. Apparenty, there's offroad trail all over the place that are pretty challenging. So I might try to get out there some weekend and try to trash my truck.

We have a soccer game on Sunday at 3. Which is good cuz I have to work until 10. That'll give me time to sleep.

School's almost done. I have two more regular classes to go to and then two exams next week. After that I'll be workin like crazy to be able to afford my truck that I'm determined to break and school next year. Plus if I find a place to live, other than where I'm at now, I'll need money for that. I have to start full time work soon because I'm leaving for South Carolina on the 19th and I'm gonna need money for my insurance this month. I'm screwed. Maybe my tax refund will come because it is my money and the government just seems to be holding on to it for awhile. So if they could go ahead and give me my money back...that'd be great.

Bush/Cheney '04

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