Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Flip Flop Kerry Strikes Again

John Kerry: never tells the same story twice.

Went to work today for nine hours. I don't really care though because today we dug a hole and then called it a day. We took a 1.5 hour break (a half hour of which is paid) for lunch and quit working all together at about two. Then we went up to the lodge and drank water and sat around till 4.

I ordered my tire. Its gonna cost me a nice $139. I had a close call today when I found a drill bit in another tire. Luckily, it had only dug into the tread and did not puncture the tire. The good thing is that the tire with the nail in it is out of my bed.

Along with replacing my tire, I'm also gonna have to change my oil this weekend which means I'm gonna have to fork out some more money for oil and a filter. Its a good thing that I do it myself and don't hire somebody to do something so easy...Jenny Horgan. It also need to be washed since I haven't touched it since I used it to push the work truck out of the mud.

Last exam tomorrow. No more school. Vacation in 11 days.

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