Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Forgot I had a blog

So...fantasy football eh.
Dante Culpepper is the man. 5 td's and almost 400 yards. sweet.

The Creepy Campout is gonna be off the hook. I got horgan to go. She's never been camping before. So somebody needs to tell her that she's gonna get eaten by a bear or something, she'd totally buy it. Most sheltered girl ever. But its gonna be awesome. I got my own site so everyone's welcome to show up. Just cmon up whenever. Dress up like a pirate if you feel like it.

Classes suck. I don't have any that I can skip without immidiate consequences except maybe American Politics, the most pointless class ever. Calculus isn't turning out to be that hard. The prof sucks at everything but I've been able to keep up by teaching myself and doing small amounts of homework. I have a test tomorrow so we'll see.

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