Monday, November 27, 2006

I want to know what love do do

I woke up at 7:30 this morning (I'm due at work at 8:00). I'm having a real problem getting myself to work on time. The problem with this situation is my lack of motivation to get to work on time. My boss could care less if I even make it to work on a given day, much less get to work on time. Therefore, if I come strollin in at 8:15 nobody really seems to care. If someone would just take the initiative and give me some crap for coming in late everday, I know that I would start getting here on time. I guess this is one of the perks of being a co-op. You're only marginally essential to the day to day operations of the company. So, if you come in obscenely late, or not at all, its not really a big deal. At least thats how it works here at Shepherd.

Davie, Austy, Craig, Perry and I saw Casino Royale the other night. (No spoilers in here, keep reading) Definetely, the best Bond movie since Goldeneye. That's really not saying too much but hopefully this means that they'll be taking the series in a new direction. Daniel Craig did a pretty good job of portraying the rookie 00 agent, James Bond. I can't see Pierce Brosnan playing this role as well as Craig did. Casino Royale's Bond is very unfinished and much more human than in pervious movies. So yeah, pretty decent. A little sketchy in the plot explanations at times, but decent.

Crap. Mark Dantonio is leaving. Wow. 1.1 million a year plus a signing bonus at Michigan State. I bet UC wasn't even coming close to that. Good for him but that sucks for us.

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