Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hey everybody....where did Mary go?

Super Bowl time again. Time to watch the Seahawks mack on the Steelers. Looks like Navs has elected to have it at my place. That's cool though, just means I don't have to drive to Clifton.

So Em and I hammered out where we're goin for our group's mission trip, finally. Now we just have to raise the money and apparently we both have to attend a conference in Chicago to find out what we have to teach our kids before we're allowed to go down there. Speakin of conferences, we're headed to two of them this weekend. The methodist church has to indoctrinate us to ensure that we're brainwashing their children effectively. So they're gonna trap us in a room Friday evening and most of the day Saturday and pound theology into us. Maybe then I'll turn from my heathen, non-denominational ways and accept the perfection that is the United Methodist Church. Em and I might show up, sign whatever, and then hop the fence (avoiding the sniper fire.)

You know who's sweet? System of a Down. I've been listening to Mezmerize a lot and its pretty awesome. They're definetely one of the best contemporary bands out there (not that that's hard). It's pretty rare to see bands today that are as diverse or generally musically talented as S.O.D.

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